Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Tutorials-Distressing Curtain Rod Holders..& a Sneak Peak

Sorry that I am late with the tute:o) The kids have been a little sick, and I just now was able to muster up the energy to sit down and type. This isn't much of a tutorial, but I think you'll get the general idea. So....
Here are some curtain rod hangers that I bought at a yard sale last year. I haven't known quite what to do with them, until I realized that nothing is safe when there is spray paint around:o)
The before picture does not exist b/c I didn't take one, but I did not take the time to spray the back, so this is what the finish was:
A sort of dark cherry finish. I think I bought all 4 for $5, maybe??
Anyway, I spray painted them with some white that I had out in the garage and they all turned out like this:
Now, I thought that would be it...hang 'em and be done. Then I realized that I missed....a lot....which you can't tell from this pic:o) So I decided that I would distress them. That way you would never be able to tell the difference. All you need is some sand paper. Rough up all the edges and make sure to really dig thru the recessed parts. Take as little or as much as you please and you should come up with something that looks a little like this:
I didn't take too much off. Just enough:o)
All four beauts:o)
And now for a sneak peek of the wall color...
Oh yeah, and you can see the rod holders hung:o) I haven't quite got all of the accessorization done, so you'll have to wait  a tiny bit longer;o) I know the suspense is killing you:o)


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They look great!