Monday, May 10, 2010

Dragon Fly Painting

I hope that you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. Mine was spent with my mother, and we had a very pleasant weekend:o) Before I went to visit her, I went with my friend Amy to one of the local Winery stores for Bottle and Brush. Bottle and Brush is a really fun experience. Mind you, I didn't "experience" the bottle part, just the brush part;o) A local artist instructs you on how to paint one of her creations, while you are turning back a few. We brought our own non-alcoholic drinks, of course. You could definitely tell that some of the women had had one too many. Some of the dragon flies looked more like dragons:o)  I think Amy's turned out better than mine:o) I wish I had a picture of hers to share with you. 
We had a really good time, and I hope to do it again soon:o) My master piece is now hanging in S.R.'s room, and it's starting to grow on me:o).
**I have lots of laundry to catch up on, so I better get to it. I hope you have a FAB day!!!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

You did GREAT!! right there with you on the laundry - oh and floors and counters and bathrooms...... ;) hope you get some crafting in your day.

Miss Mustard Seed said... Best Blogger Tips

That painting looks wonderful! What a treasure. I think you have more artistic talent than you realize. :) Never compare your work to others. Everyone has their own "hand", so it's going to look slightly different.