Thursday, January 14, 2010

Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Everywhere!

When we decided to build our house, we knew that the bonus room would be the kids "domain." We made sure that everything in there was going to be kid friendly. I wanted to have a space for them to color and do crafts, and this corner was the perfect space to set up shop. My parents gave us my grandmother's table and chairs(Thank you Papa & Gia), and also tons of colored paper. My children, bless their little souls, are little tornadoes at times, and thus the BEFORE picture. I had to come up with some quick ideas or I was going to go nutso with the disorganization.

The pencils and markers are always strown, and even though they had a basket to put everything in, it wasn't pretty and it had holes in it. I made these from veggie cans. Just glued scrapbook paper to them, and voila. Instant pencil and marker containers.

I had this basket which was formerly a home to all my hair stylist products, but it seems that it served a better purpose by housing all the kids coloring books and craft paper.

And the After. Now doesn't that look much more pleasant:o) They actually like putting the pencils and markers back in the containers. Now I can be a little more sane:o)


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I find a trash can near by is helpful, as well. :)

Kristin said... Best Blogger Tips

I will never understand how fast kids can destroy things. It amazes me.