Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hanging "Idea" Folder

I bought a ton of Paper Crafts Magazines last summer for $3 at a yard sale(yes, almost all of my possessions come from a yard sale). I started flipping thru them b/c I wanted some great gift ideas and I always find some in there. I did find a cute idea for a recipe box that I will be making as soon as I can get back to Hobby Lobby for supplies, but I also found this cute idea to keep up with my craft ideas. It is a hanging folder made from scrapbooking materials. It took 30 minutes to put together, and was virtually free since I already had everything I needed. It has 4 different pockets for the different size papers I might need to store. I wanted to make a magnetic board, but didn't have the supplies to make it, so this will hold me over until then:o) Something colorful to look at until I get brave enough to start painting murals in my craft closet/room:o)