Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Painting a Pillow

Is anyone else being hammered by hot temperatures right now? Even though it's blazing hot here in the South, it hasn't deterred me from working away on Fall decor. I'm so glad you are back here today with me. I have a little tutorial on how to spruce up a plain burlap pillow using stencils and fabric paint.
 I found this image on Pinterest
I fell in love with the pillow and thought "how fun would that be on my new bench". 
If anyone knows the source of this photo, please let me know so I can give them credit. Thanks!!
So I gathered all the supplies I needed. 
A pillow form(purchased), burlap(purchased), stencils, black fabric paint, and paint brush. 
 I made the pillow cover, and added a zipper. I am really into adding zippers to pillows because it makes it easier to clean the covers. If you are able to do it, I would highly recommend it!!
After the pillow cover was made, I taped some paper to the width of the cover and traced the letters on the paper to see what it would look like on the pillow.
One word...dumb.
These are the only letter stencils I have, and they were waaay too big for the pillow, and waaay too swirly. I could barely read what they said. So I nixed the "Fall Greetings" idea and searched through other stencils I had.
 I found this one in the stash. Obviously it's been used before, but I can't quite remember for what..oh well:o)
I centered and taped the stencil to the burlap cover and painted away making sure not to push the paint under the stencil. If you have some spray adhesive for stencils, that would work great, but we don't use that fancy stuff around here...we just stick to the trusty old Scotch tape:o) 
Here is the finished stencil. Now you should wait until the paint dries before inserting the pillow form...or be like me and go ahead and put it in anyway:o)
And here is my new pillow on my new bench. The hubs keeps telling me I need to bring the bench back inside because it's too nice to be outside..he's so sweet. It's staying put for now:o)
I plan on sprucing this little area up some more with mums and pumpkins...can't wait to finish that up and share the final reveal.
On another note, say a little prayer for me. I go tomorrow to have a scan on my gallbladder. It's been acting wonky, and I have been feeling sub-par for the last 3 weeks. I'm hoping the doctors will find that it's only the gallbladder and get that sucker out of me. I'm ready to feel normal again!


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<3 your pillow! thanks for sharing ~ ive been enjoying going through your blog and am feeling so inspired with all of your pretty fall d├ęcor!