Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Burlap Wreath Tutorial
Since Fall is around the corner, and I have a few spare moments with the kiddos back in school, I have been able to catch up on some decor projects I have been wanting to tackle.
One of them being a burlap wreath. 
You can't have Fall without a burlap wreath. It's in the rule books somewhere...I'm sure of it. 
There are so many different styles. Raggedy, bubbly, smooth, etc. I went for more of a shabby look...sounds better than raggedy, right?
Today I'm sharing how quick and easy this project is.  
Your list of supplies:
3 yards of burlap(I used two colors)(Burlap is $3.99 at my Hobby Lobby. I used a 40% off Q)
Wire hanger(Joan Crawford would die)
Needle Nose pliers
Tape Measure
Start off by cutting your strips. I cut mine at 5" wide.
Then you will want to straighten out the wire hanger.
 Once all of the burlap is cut, do a fan fold. When finished, you will roughly have a 5x5 square.
Thread the wire hanger through the square. 
 While threading, the wire hanger was flopping around. This was driving Max was fun to watch;o)
After all of the burlap is threaded onto the hanger, twist the ends together. I ended up snipping about 3" off of each side.
Twist it all together as best you can.
Flip, and hang on a wreath stand.
This project took less than an hour from start to finish, and was less than $10. Easy peasy. I'll have some more step by step fall decor coming your way soon!