Monday, September 24, 2012

Star Wars Birthday Party

Saturday was E's 6th birthday party. E requested a Star Wars theme this year. I am no Star Wars buff..I have watched almost all of Episode 4...I fell asleep before the I had a difficult time getting jazzed up about this theme. Thankfully the internet helped me out, and I was able to pull his party off without having to actually sit through any of the movies(yes!!)
Today, I am just sharing highlights of the decorations and the invites. I'll get a little more detailed in the coming days.

The invitations.
The food table

I opted for cupcakes this year. Easy, and quick.

The dining area.

The boy party favors

The girl party favors
The adult party favors.
And some happy kids:o)
Stay tuned for all of the details of this party and a few cost break-downs.
Have a great Monday!