Thursday, September 13, 2012

Slap Yo Momma Biscuits

 My best friend from high school gave me a recipe for biscuits when I got married. I never used it because I already had a biscuit recipe. I thought mine was the best in the world, and proudly looked down my nose at other biscuits, and their inferior ingredients.
Well I ran out of my usual "superior" ingredients, and decided that I would try this "inferior" biscuit recipe. This poor recipe had sat un-used for almost 10 years in my recipe book.
It called for 2 ingredients. 
I scoffed. 
I mixed, rolled out, cut and baked, thinking to myself, "I hope these will do."
I humbly ask forgiveness from my dear friend and her ROCKIN' biscuits. They were not inferior at all! Not only were they extremely light and fluffy but they were 'slap yo momma' good!
So are you ready to try these for yourself?
Here's what you need and what to do:

1 pint of whipping cream
3 cups of self rising flour

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. 
Mix ingredients by hand. Roll out on floured surface. Cut with biscuit cutter and bake.

I told you it was go make you some biscuits, and don't wait 10 years before making them like I did;o)


Mandalina33 said... Best Blogger Tips

That is the recipe my mom uses! Did I give you that? If so I am mad at you for not taking my advice sooner ; )