Friday, March 9, 2012

Table Transformation for Free

I am slowly getting the house back to normal after the birthday festivities....slowly:o)
 As I was cleaning and doing the 9 millionth load of laundry today, I had the urge to just change something in my house. I am getting the itch to make some major changes in my home, BIG changes...terrible timing! We are doing a lot in the backyard right now, so the inside needs to be left alone.
So to kill the "urge," I went shopping in my garage and created a FREE mini makeover.

This is the table in my living room that is a dust collector. I found this antique table at a yard sale last spring. It desperately needs the paint removed, but I just can't stand the thought of torturing myself like that:o) So there it has stayed..all chippity. Is that a word? Probably not..anyway...

 I was given this table top from my mother's friend. It was once apart of an antique Hoosier had seen better days. She completely disassembled it, and gave me this table top.
I had every intention of putting legs on it and turning it into a sofa table...really I did!
However, me being the "lazy" that I am, just wiped it down and laid it on top of the dust collector table. Now I have an even bigger dust collector table...and I LOVE IT!
 Not bad for free, huh? And now I can go a few more days without having to completely overhaul my house:o)