Monday, March 12, 2012

How I Am Avoiding Using Cooking Spray

Here lately I have been trying to be more picky about what I feed my family. I buy mostly organic when possible, and I have been gradually cutting out  processed foods. We still eat some, but not as many as we used to.  There are so many links to cancer now which seem to be coming from the foods we eat.
So anyway, I have quit using cooking sprays. I haven't read anything anywhere that says we are going to die if we continue to use them, but one of the ingredients is "propellant."...ummm, ick!
So I have been coating all of my cake pans with butter(yum) & flour.
Muffin tins, however, are slightly more tricky because they are smaller. I ran out of muffin cups the other day, and needed a substitute. I felt like I had a moment of genius when I decided to use parchment paper.

I formed the parchment paper around the bottom of one of the muffin cups, and cut out the circle. Then I used that one as a template to cut out the next 5.
 I smushed them down in the cups...not all that pretty, but hey, I was improvising here.
 I spooned in the muffin mix...
 and tada!
I also used it for some make-shift-Corn-Flake-wanna-be-Rice-Krispie-Treats...the kids have been really good today, so I thought I would reward them with these...they have little green candies in them:o) Now these are extra sticky, so I rubbed some Crisco(yeah Baby!!) on my hands to flatten out the I said I am slowly removing processed foods, but we indulge every once and a while:o)
Well, that's my two cents for the day:o)


Keep Stitchin' said... Best Blogger Tips

Great idea! Also, you can buy misters for using olive oil if you need a light coating for cooking... olive oil usually being the better choice for cooking oils, but when you don't want a lot. Trudy