Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How To Make an Inexpensive Flower Arrangement

I told you all that I would share a quick tute on how to make these flower arrangements. You won't believe how simple and fast these are to make.
Here is what you need:

Flowers(obviously) I already had these from last years party.
Styrofoam Balls..these can be found at the Dollar Tree in a 2-pack
Container..mine came from Hobby Lobby and they were 67 cents each
Hot Glue Gun

First step..pop all the flowers off of their stems.
Next, place your Styrofoam ball into your container
 Glue your first row of flowers all the way around the perimeter of the container. If you want this to be removable, then place the flowers slightly higher and make sure that the glue doesn't drip onto your container.
Continue gluing until the Styrofoam disappears.
 And that's it! I told you that it was simple:o)
Here's a neat idea, and one that I was going to use, but decided not to...these arrangements could be used as place card holders. Just glue a name card to a thin dowel rod and stick it down in the Styrofoam ball:o) 

Stay tuned tomorrow for some free printables!!


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