Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Ornament Week-Day 2

Here is another Dollar Tree Find. Don't you just love the Dollar Tree? You can do so many crafts with what they have available. This particular ornament started out as a tea light holder.
I am not a tea light kinda girl, but I thought that the front would make a perfect ornament. I bought 3. For some reason, when I buy ornaments, I purchase them in 3's...dunno why. Anyway, I used some sort of wire cutters and cut the wire off. I had to be super careful not to shatter the glass. 
I then tied off some twine at the top and voila, instant ornament. You would never know that this ornament came from the Dollar Tree except for the fact that I just told you;o)
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Sharon Dubose said... Best Blogger Tips

Tooo cool! If the hanger was tied in a corner, it would also make a pretty diamond shape. Thanks for sharing! -syd :-)

mike said... Best Blogger Tips

That is really creative. I love it!