Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Ornament Week-Day 1

It has begun.....I have started decorating for Christmas. Crazy...I know. But I have my reasons. The main one being that I need to help my mother put hers up and she has only slightly less than I do:o) I have 3 trees, and I am about to get one more. I set up S.R.'s tree yesterday and it is so cute. I will share pics of it soon. She LURVES it;o) I put E's tree up as well, but his is lacking a key element....ornaments! Once I get the new tree, it will need ornaments as well. Ornaments can get expensive, so this year I am making them. 
Today's ornament is super easy, super fast, and most importantly, SUPER CHEAP. These frames came from the Dollar Tree.
I flipped them over and popped the backs off of them.
I went to the The Graphics Fairy, and searched the Christmas tab and found the pictures I wanted to print off. I copied and pasted into word and resized the pictures to fit the frames. Afterwards, I glued some twine on the back to hang the ornament.
Easy Peasy and cute to boot;o) I love these ornaments. I think they look a little fancy, but they are so inexpensive to make!
The rest of the week I will be sharing more ornaments that I have made, so stay tuned....I may share a tree or two by the end of the week;o)
Happy Tuesday to all!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are great!! I love the vintage feel of them. We started getting the kids ornaments every year for christmas. It's great now, but when they get older and leave, my tree is going to be bare. :)

René said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow this idea could be used with any sort of design. Thanks for the inspiration.