Monday, August 9, 2010

A Winner, and A Bathroom Reveal

Let's start off by announcing our winner of the $60 giveaway to Roll Please......
The Winner was #4-Mandy!!! 
Yay for Mandy!
I have sent a representative your email address,so be on the lookout for you winnings!!
And now for the reveal of my latest makeover. We live in a new house, and we have slowly been making it a home. It has taken me longer than I had expected to be able to pick out the right colors, and figure out what design style to work with in this house. In the last house we used dark colors, and it was nice and cozy. This house is much larger and wide open. I wanted to go for the more beachy, cooler colors, so that it would keep the appearance of being wide open. But I did want one room that was dark, and that was my half bath. It's a big change and was almost frightening. I went to Lowes to get some paint. I had every intention of trying out Olympic paint because it has been advertised at $17 a gallon. Much better than the $30-something for Valspar. So anyway, I picked out my color, headed to the paint counter and realized there was some oops paint. There was a gallon for $5 that was extremely close to what I had picked out, so I dumped the paint chip and grabbed that $5 gallon...SCORE!! 
Here is the before:
and another angle:

Very Contractor-y blendy....does that make any sense???
Anyway, here are some After pics:
Without the flash...

With the flash...
Because there aren't any windows near by, there wasn't any natural light to help with the picture taking:(
A picture I picked up from Hobbly Lobbly for $5
The face plate for the light switch and the towel ring also came from H.L. All 50% off:o) The towel will be replaced with something much prettier, but will have to do for now.

I love old books....these came from the hubs' family farm.

I have a plan for the hooks on the bottom of this shelf. Hoping to work on that sometime this week...might be a tutorial in the making:o)

Really needing this verse here lately:o)

So here's the before again:

 Not bad for $5, eh? Got another makeover up my involves bead board...that's all I'm sayin'. Have a great Monday!!!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks GOOD! Gotta love a $5 can of paint. I'm having SOOOO much trouble picking out colors for our home, so I feel for ya.

mandy! said... Best Blogger Tips

that rocks. ilove that color... very rich!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! Isn't it amazing how paint can transform a space. It went from being blah beige to warm, cozy, and elegant. Nice choice! I love your style. It reminds me of mine. Nicely done for $5! Sweet! Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.