Friday, October 13, 2017

Fall/Halloween Home Tour

Good Morning Friends!
Are you guys ready for Halloween?? 
Our house has been decorated, costumes have been purchased (even for myself), and the Fall baking has begun.
We are so excited for the upcoming holiday season!! 
I have lots of Halloween decor, but I don't usually put out the creepy stuff until the day of Halloween because it doesn't really go with the rest of my decor. I will most likely take pictures, but I won't be blogging about it, so make sure you are following me on Instagram. I will be sharing the pictures and videos on my "stories."
So today, you'll get to see the "non-creepy" decorations ;-)

If you notice, my front porch isn't covered with any real pumpkins...we haven't been to the pumpkin patch yet. :-) That's on next week's agenda.
We have become a Paleo family, so gluten and processed sugars are out for us. Sister also got braces this week, so we sympathize with the non-candy families out there. This year, we will be handing out treats that are allergy friendly, hence the turquoise pumpkin.
Check back to see the process of how I transformed this little guy I picked up from the thrift store the other day. 
Here's our fireplace mantel. Fairly simple, with just a few touches of Halloween.

And my interchangeable hymnal wreath with the Halloween center. 
 I like to have my Fall decor carry me all the way through Thanksgiving if possible. 
I found this quote on Pinterest, and loved it. 
 This little pumpkin sign is a new addition this year. I purchased it from 2crafty4myskirt. I have been following Alese on Instagram for a few weeks now, and her signs are super cute.
Confession time:
I am fighting the urge to bring out all my Christmas decor. 
Ridiculous, I know. 
This year I will have to show some restraint because we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house. 
I won't put Christmas decorations out until the day after Thanksgiving. 
It's going to be so hard!! 
(First world problems).


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