Friday, August 30, 2013

Front Porch Fall Decor

 It's Friday!!! 
Yay for 3-day-weekends, and yay for football season kicking off. 
We have a busy weekend ahead of us with lots of food, friends and football. But before all of my guests arrive, I have a long list of to-do's. 
I can check the front porch off the list though. It's done. For now at least. 
We have a tiny front porch...I'm not even sure you could really call it a front porch. It's more of a pass through. 
It's not big enough to have big beautiful displays like the front porches below:
 source unknown
source unknown

However, it looks barren when nothing is there. 
Everything has to be small in scale when decorating this porch because I want my guests to feel welcome at the front door, not claustrophobic.  
I couldn't really get a good full scale picture of the porch. The brick wall kind of takes up the picture, but in person it's much more inviting...I promise:o)
And, yes, I did just water the plants before taking the shot. It looks like my pumpkins got a little excited;o) Guess this photo won't make it to Pinterest;o)
The mums really make the bench pop, and keep it from blending in with the massive boring brick wall behind it.
To try to keep things symmetrical, I brought a small teak chair from the backyard, and used it as a plant holder. The old granite ware pitcher has holes in the bottom of it, so it makes a perfect planter now.
I will most likely be adding more pumpkins and a possible mini hay bale, but that's where I will have to be patient. The pumpkins aren't quite ready, and we'll have plenty of pumpkin farm field trips to collect those:o)

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Leanne Helums said... Best Blogger Tips

It looks great. Glad to see someone around here ready for fall besides me even if it is HOT!! May have to do some fall decorating this weekend too. Love the pillow.