Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Red Ribbon Week Poster-Master Yoda

Since I have been out of school for longer than I am willing to admit, there are a few things that I had forgotten of them being Red Ribbon Week.
I am constantly being reminded of how the world isn't all roses and cupcakes. The thought of teaching my children to stay away from drugs had never crossed my mind until we got a letter from the guidance counselor about Red Ribbon Week. Yikes! How do you explain drugs to a 6 year old who has been completely sheltered? We struggled through it, but I think he got the gist of it. He knows their bad, and God doesn't want us to harm our bodies.
So, since we are all about Star Wars, he wanted to include Master Yoda on his poster.
The hubs knows all when it comes to S.W., so he came up with the slogan.
Pretty catchy, huh?

We flipped through some coloring books, and E picked this image for his poster. I used my little projector, and traced it in pencil.
He traced over the pencil marks in black marker, and then colored it in with crayons.
We used the S.W. fonts to make the letters...just printed the slogan out, cut, and pasted.
Easy Peasy.
He was the only one in his class to do a poster. He got to go to a popcorn party, and there were big kids there...a.k.a. 5th graders, so he felt pretty special:o)
It was so nice to be able to do an art project with him, especially since he's really starting to enjoy drawing...the coloring he could do without:o)
Great mommy/son bonding!