Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gearing Up for all kinds of fun!

I have missed you all...have you missed me?;o) Last week I was M.I.A. because the hubs was working from home...which means he had the one and only computer in the house. 
So I haven't been able to fill you in on what I have been up to. I have lots to share, but I'll share a little at a time, so that your brain doesn't explode:o)
Anyway, I'm sure you all have noticed that football season is in full swing. I have always wanted to do a kick off party, but never got around to doing it until this season.
 The hubs is a big University of Alabama fan. 
So we invited some of our close buds(also BAMA fans) over for a taco bar, and had fun watching the game while the kiddos played the night away.
Below was the set up for the table. I kept the snacky foods in the living room for quick access, and the rest of the dinner food was in the kitchen.
I made this yummy....let me re-phrase...oh, so delicious caramel corn for my guests to take home with them.
 I filled these glass jars(dollar tree) with the caramel corn. I added the ribbon and the little football cutouts.
 You can find the recipe and the cutouts over at The Party Press. You really need to make this stuff...for reals.
 Here's a shot of all the babies...they were so good!! They played so well, and laughed the whole night. It was GREAT!!
I can't wait to do it again!
September seems to be the month of parties...I'll give you one guess as to what is coming up next...and for those of you who have been following me for a while know that I love throwing kids parties. I can't wait to start sharing some of the details for E's 6th birthday party.