Thursday, August 9, 2012

Loft Makeover

I am finally getting around to posting the pictures of the loft we made over. This loft was given to us by some very dear friends. It was given to them, but they couldn't use it b/c the ceilings in their basement were too low. So they graciously offered it to us, and we gladly accepted:o) When we first received it, the loft was around 4 feet longer..which was way too the hubs took some length off and it now sits at 4 feet wide and 6 feet long. I think it's about 4 feet off of the ground.
It fits perfectly in the corner of our bonus room. We had talked about dividing up the room, and having one half be the kids play area and the other half be more of a t.v./theater type this is step one...well actually we skipped right to step two because we should have painted the walls first:o) 
We have had this loft for a couple of months now, but the kids weren't really all that interested in it because there wasn't anything drawing them to it. A friend of mine told me about this little kitchen set her daughter was selling, and that was enough to get me inspired to make this loft more of a little house for creative play.
 This little table set was given to S.R. for her 3rd birthday and it has gotten a lot of was a great asset to this area. The high chair was a thrift store purchase. It has been in the attic for almost a year now, and I finally got around to recovering it. $2 well spent:o)
For the top of the loft, I made cushions and pillows for a seating area where the kids could either read or pretend that it was an upstairs bedroom..E is just short enough that he can lay flat on his back across the two cushions. All of the fabric came from my craft closet. 
 The cushions needed a little something extra, so I appliqued these cute elephants on them. I googled elephant silhouette and came across this little guy. I felt that the elephant was fairly gender neutral, and it fits since this is a BAMA household;o)
 Here are two little rascals sneaking into the photos:o)
 And we have a diva pose...;o)
The rugs were a Target purchase. The loft required 2, and I just used a staple gun to hold them in place. Before, the floor of the loft was just bare wood, and really uncomfortable to crawl across. Now that the rugs are there, it makes crawling so much better...especially for big people when they have to get up there to re-adjust a pillow for pictures;o)
 Here S.R. is hard at work making dinner for everyone:o) She has been "preparing meals" everyday since we got this little kitchen set...I LOVE it:o)
 Remember at the beginning of the post I said we were going to divide the room up? Well this is the other side of the room. Scary, right? The hubs took apart the entertainment center, and it's going to be brought downstairs later today so we can paint it(white). Then there will be re-wiring, and then we will begin the task of building built-ins between the two windows. The entertainment center will be the starting point and then we'll just build off of it. Who knows how many weekends we will have in front of us, but in the end, I know it will totally rock because I have a very talented husband!!