Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Little of This, and a Little of That

I am finally back to normal again...well normal for me, that is:o) What a doozy that virus was! Phew!
Anyway, with this new found energy, I have been Mrs. Domesticate for the past few days. I have been cleaning, organizing, meal planning and party planning. The hubs has walked out of the house with a warm meal in his belly and a packed lunch for the past two mornings..oh yeah, he's getting spoiled...I better quit while I am ahead;o) Juust kidding:o)
I have been in the mood to redecorate something, anything really. However, we are still working on the backyard, so I am having to channel all of my DIY energy into the Wizard of Oz party I am planning for S.R.
By the way, she calls it the "Lizard of Oz"...LOVE IT!

For this party, I have been instructed that I will stick to a budget...a much smaller sum than what I have spent on previous parties...OUCH! 
I fully intend to stick to this budget, and I will possibly even share what that budget is and a break down of what I spent with you all..

 I am having to get extra creative when it comes to decorations and party favors since we had the "party-budget talk." 
I wanted to share a few things that I have picked up within the last few days.

You can't even imagine how excited I was to find these little ballet slippers at Walmart in the After-Christmas discount toy section. I had to go to 4 different Walmarts to get the 6 pairs I needed.
These favors have been the most expensive purchase so far at $4 a pair...not bad, huh...actually I got one pair for $3...I am not exactly sure why, but hey, I'll take it:o)

One of the real surprises about these shoes is that they have a little opening in the back, so hopefully everyone will be able to fit their little piggies inside:o)

 These little pups are the stand-ins for Toto. I can't seem to find a cute little black dog anywhere that is affordable, so these will do just fine. I found these little cuties at the Dollar Tree. I had to dig to find 6, but I only had to hit up one Dollar Tree store for these:o) 

The blue and white gingham fabric was a Walmart purchase. It is $2.72/yard at the one I frequent the most. I purchased 3 1/2 yards, and I am going to be making all of the girls aprons. I found a child's apron on sale at Kohl's the other day for $3, and I am going to use it as my template. 
I hope to have a full tutorial on that when they are completed.

I have a few other things, but they aren't anything to get worked up about...yet;o)
I hope you all are having a great start to the week.
I need to get off of here, so I can continue my duties as Mrs. Domesticate, and clean up the mess I made making peanut butter chocolate cupcakes before the hubs gets home:o) 


Deanna said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE the slippers! So glad Matt seems to 'look the other way' with my parties thus far. Though if I do any 'extravagant' details (ie pkgs that come from places with dozens of stripey straws, strawberry baskets, etc) I do take that out of my allowed 'kid budget' money. :) I just got some stuff from HL for M's party and some came out of misc budget and the sparkly mushroom and owl decorations came from mine/kid budget. :)

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Budgets are the worst! (and the best) I think you have a great start!! Can't wait to see how it all comes together!

Leanne Helums said... Best Blogger Tips

I found this and thought that it might give you more ideas for your party. :)

djjdjdjdjd said... Best Blogger Tips

@Leanne HelumsThanks Leanne!