Monday, May 31, 2010

"Vintage" Jelly Roll Dress

I hope that you all had a lovely Memorial Day Weekend. Ours was very "eventful." Nothing how we planned it:o) Of course things never are;o) I had plans to do all sorts of crafty things on Saturday, but my hip went out, so I spent most of the day laid up in bed while the hubs "watched" the children...let's just say that chocolate milk was involved and I wish that we had had padded walls at the time;o) Anyway, before the ole hip decided to go berserk, I was able to make S.R. a precious little jelly roll dress. The fabric is pictured here in this post. Vintage was the name....and I LOVE IT! I wanted her to have a special dress for her cousin's graduation, so I decided to finally make a dress out of the jelly roll that has been sitting in my craft room ever so patiently awaiting the day it would become something Fan-Tab-U-Lous...
I think it turned out so sweet. My little darlin' just loved her new dress. She had to try the dress on several times for me to make sure everything was fitting properly. The last time I had her put it on was for me to figure out how much to take up the bottom for the hem...she had a conniption fit when I had her take it was UGLY. She didn't want any part of taking off her new pretty dress. Needless to say, I did get it off of her and did get it hemmed. She is so proud of this dress and so am I;o)
The back view...aren't those little curls the sweetest??? That's the only thing she got from me;o)
The blue blur in the photo was a toy being dropped. She likes to be on the move, so catching a shot where she is still is near impossible.
The matching head band. She really liked this too. I think she's catching on....accessorize, accessorize, accessorize;o).
Another shot of those curls....LURVE IT!
Have you used a jelly roll lately? I would love to hear and see what you have come up with:o)


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

That dress is beautiful! I love to read your blog and see all the creative things you are up to. Keep it up, I love it!!

Cayce said... Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE this! love it love it love it. you make me want to try sewing. I think I'm more of a "find a gem at a yardsale" kind of gal though. :)

Deanna said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely dress and I love the headband! :)