Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bachelorette Weekend-Part 1

My sister is getting married in just a few short weeks, and I am so excited for her.
Last weekend, I got to host a super fun, completely exhausting bachelorette weekend for my sister and 5 of her closest friends.
I was a little nervous planning this weekend because I know nothing of bachelorette gatherings, and when you search Pinterest for anything related to that subject, you will find that most of it is down right raunchy.
Homey don't play 'dat. 
I am so glad I had months to plan this getaway because I was able to find inspiration from so many areas, and I was able to keep it clean and tasteful.
(You can check out my Engagement Party Pinterest Board to see where I got a lot of my ideas).

Saying that my sister is a HUGE Vanderbilt fan is the understatement of the year. Just a few examples of her obsession: she buys season passes to all home games (no matter the sport, no matter how awful they are), just about everything she owns is black or gold, the wedding colors are black and gold, and the wedding is at Vanderbilt. She is such a huge Vandy fan that when she has children, they may be in danger of being named something like Commodore or Anchor. ;-) I kid, I kid...sort of. :-)
Since the colors for her wedding are black and gold, I wanted to keep with that theme. Fortunately these colors are really popular right now, so it made it extremely easy to find the perfect accessories for our weekend getaway.
I hunted high and low on Etsy for an invitation, and this is the one I went with. It's so pretty, and I love anything that sparkles. The shop owner was great to work with, and the turn around was really fast.
 The glitter and the icons on the bottom of the invite were what sold me.
We stayed in an amazing cabin on a lake. It was a very peaceful area. Unfortunately for our neighbors, we made it a little less peaceful!
There was an incident that involved a car alarm and loud cackling of 7 hens that disrupted any semblance of tranquility. 
EVERYTHING echos across a lake :-)

Our menu for Friday night was a Taco bar and Ice Cream Sundae/Float bar.
I brought a lot of stuff from home because I didn't know what would be furnished at the cabin. 
The coke glasses were a Dollar Tree purchase and went home with my sister. The candy jars were also a DT purchase.
This chalkboard frame came from the dollar section at Target. 
I used a picture from Etsy as inspiration to draw the sundae and quote on the board. Don't you just love chalkboards? I think I could sit and draw on a chalkboard all day long.
The glitter boxes, straws, chalkboard picks and ice cream cups are from Hobby Lobby.

I borrowed the Coca-Cola crate from a friend. There was actually a Pepsi crate at the cabin. One of the girls said she was so glad that I didn't put the Coca-Cola bottles in the Pepsi crate; she would've been mad if I had...obviously she was joking :-)
Aren't these little chalkboard picks so cute? You will most likely see these used in every upcoming party I host. LOVE!

We were able to eat dinner out on the covered porch. It was kind of chilly, so it seemed to keep the little bugs away thankfully.
The views were spectacular.

I found the burlap place mats at Hobby Lobby on sale, and I embroidered the W's on them. They went home with my sister after the weekend was over as well.

I had so much fun getting to spend time with this great group of girls. Learning more about each and everyone of them.
  I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
I love a good laugh, y'all.
In my next post, I will share what we did on Saturday, so make sure to check back!