Thursday, July 2, 2015

How to Dress Up Thrift Store Finds

Hello Friends. 
I hope you all are having a fine Thursday. 
Since it is Thursday, you know what that means. It's time to share my finds from thrifting.
And while we are on the subject of sharing....
I asked for your prayers on Sunday for my sister, Heather. She's pictured below with myself and our daddy.
Last Saturday, she was about to get ready for a family dinner to celebrate her 28th birthday, when she experienced three Grand mal seizures back to back.
I will spare you all the horrific details, but in the process of seizing, she dislocated and broke her right shoulder, and shattered her left shoulder and has a tear. 
She's still in the hospital, and is on lots of pain medication for the shoulders. The doctors are keeping her seizure medication pretty high, so that when she has her shoulder surgeries, she won't seize while under anesthesia. 
She is being transferred to a different hospital for the shoulder surgeries either today or tomorrow.
Apparently she has been experiencing partial seizures since she was a child, and we never knew it. This was all a complete shock.
She is in really good spirits, but that's just who she is. She is always making lemonade outta lemons. She's a blessing to anyone she encounters.
 So since she will be unable to raise her arms for quite some time, I ran over to the closest thrift store to find enormous men's button down shirts for her to wear. 
Now, if you have been following me for very long, you know that I always have to jazz things up a bit.
Since men's shirts aren't supposed to be flattering on women (because they're MEN'S shirts), I figured I'd slap a few monograms on them, so she could be comfortable AND cute ;-)

This was the last of the shirts I worked on, and I believe it's my favorite. This was an OOPS that turned out even better than I planned. I was pulling the pocket off with my seam ripper and ripped right through the shirt..AHH! I was so mad, I had to walk away.

 I came back after a full night's rest, and made a new pocket, patched the hole, monogrammed the pocket, and attached it to the shirt. Love!
Heather loves her some Vanderbilt. This shirt was a no brainer. 
Anchors and Vandy go together like milk and cookies.
 I used glitter fabric with this applique, and I think it's awesome...just sayin'.
Now this shirt, I think is my least favorite. 
Another one of Heather's loves is 'Merica.
She's all about the Red, White, and Blue. So I thought I would make her a festive shirt.
It didn't turn out how I had planned....she may want to set this one aside for when she turns 65.
To me it looks like a Granny shirt (no offense to you Granny's out there). 
 If anything, she can wear it at home when she has absolutely no where to be ;-)
 My sister is also a HUGE baseball fan. She lives and breathes baseball. I was in charge of her phone on Sunday to handle all calls or texts. She got a bazillion updates from her ESPN joke. She was heavily sedated, but was still watching a game on the television in her room. 
So since she's so crazy about baseball, I figured I would make her one that she could eventually dress up with maybe an undershirt, and some cute jeans to wear to the next game she attends.
 Total no-brainer ;-)
 I love the colors of this shirt. Hubs was kind of upset that he didn't end up with some of these(minus the girly monograms). I'm sure he'll survive though ;-)
 The turquoise doesn't quite show up on the plaid, but if you look really close you can see how pretty it is!!
And there you have it. Those are the shirts I'll be taking up to her so she can get a break from the ugly hospital gowns. Hopefully she'll be able to slide her arms in them without any pain.
Prayers on her behalf are still coveted and appreciated. 

On another note, I found this old Sunbeam mixer bowl at another thrift store for $1.50 last week. 
It's heavy, and perfect for housing fruit.
I recently cleaned out my kitchen and reorganized the counters and this bowl was a perfect addition. I'll share more from my kitchen soon.
 For those of you who are joining along in the hunt for thrifty finds, please shoot me an email or message me on Facebook with your finds. I would love to share your awesome deals with the rest of my readers!