Friday, December 12, 2014

Elf on the Shelf

I was bound and determined that Snarf the Elf was not coming back to our house. But things never seem to go how you plan them where children are concerned. Our neighbor, a.k.a. E's best friend, busted through our doors December 1st wanting to know where our elf was.
My plans were foiled. The kids started freaking out because they couldn't find that Curs-ed Elf, and I wanted to scream. That was one more thing I had to remember, and I am truly running out of room in my brain at this point.
So Snarf made his debut a day late. The kids were so excited, and it really has been fun finding new things for Snarf to get into every day. I see a smile every morning, and sometimes hysterical laughter when they see what Snarf has done...especially when he drew on the kids' faces with a dry erase marker.

S.R. talks to him just about every day. 
She loves him, and even made a special cupcake for him, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Snarf became the Amazing Spiderman one day. 
And he was caught roasting marshmallows over a battery operated tea light. 
(E kept asking if he could eat the marshmallow.)
I'll keep you posted on what else Snarf gets into on Facebook