Friday, August 3, 2012

Family Night-Shark Tale

It's Friday again, so I am sharing our Family Night theme with you all. Last night we watched Shark Tale.

I had originally intended for us to watch Big Miracle, (hence the whale themed family night)but apparently, there is a ton of language in it, so that was definitely a no-go....and it's rated PG...I don't get it:o/ Anyway, I had to find another movie to replace it, so we went with Shark Tale. I could still stick with my "fishy" theme:o)
For those of you who don't know what Shark Tale is or need a reminder, here is the trailer.

Every week I make a little sign for what we'll be having for dinner that night, and I try to make it match the theme. Last week I didn't get around to it, but this week I was on the ball:o)
I sent it in an email to the hubs so that he would know what to expect:o)

The food was pretty simple. It took a little more than 20 minutes to put everything together.

We had "fish & chips" which were Gortons Tilapia fish sticks & crinkle cut fries. I am not a fish fan, but since tilapia is such a mild fish, I was able to drown it in tartar sauce and it wasn't that bad:o)
I served the popcorn in these cute little cones. I found the idea HERE. I just googled whale art, and found this little cute guy. I used publisher and put the whale in the upper right hand corner of the page, tilted him a bit, printed, and rolled the paper into a cone shape. Easy Peasy:o)
For dessert, I purchased blue jello cups. You can find these in the refrigerated section in your grocery store. I used a little bit of whipped cream for the "foamy wave effect" and added a little red gummy fish in each bowl. It can't get any easier than that folks;o)
For the drinks, I bought blue kool-aid, and filled up these little clear plastic cups. We called this our "ocean water."
We had such a fun evening last night, and the movie was cute...there were definitely some laugh out loud moments:o)
I want to encourage you all to start taking time out every week to spend with your families. This took less time and preparation than most meals, and it's definitely more memorable.

For this free printable for your own family night, just click on the link below the picture.

Next week's theme will be:

The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's

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