Monday, January 16, 2012

Little Dusters

Yesterday I stayed home from services because S.R. was sick with a cold. We had our own little Bible class and discussed this week's  memory verse. I printed out one of the coloring sheets that I linked back to, and then I decided we also needed a craft.
I read her the story of Dorcas, found in Acts 9.  We talked about how Dorcas was a helper and what it means for us to be helpers. 
For our "helper" craft, I made these little dusting mitts out of felt, and let her decorate them with googly eyes and yarn. 
I had her lay her hand on a folded sheet of felt. I used her hand as the template and just traced around it. I cut around the lines, and then stitched the two pieces together, leaving the hole at the bottom. We made one for E as well, so he wouldn't feel left out:o)
E decided he wanted to be a helper this morning, and dusted a little for me. Isn't he a sweetie?
This was a super simple and fast craft for the kids and they have really enjoyed using their dusting mitts...and I have enjoyed them as well...makes for a cleaner house;o)
If you would like to make these, and don't have a sewing machine, using tacky glue or fabric glue should do the trick as well.