Monday, December 12, 2011

Ballard Knock Off-Corday Accordian Drying Rack

Happy Monday morning to you all! I trust that you all have almost wrapped things up with your Christmas shopping, and are completely relaxed and ready for the big holiday approaching...HA! Funny, right?:o)
Anyway, as promised, I am sharing my Ballard Designs knock off that has been hanging on my wall for months.
 There is NO tutorial on this. Sorry girls. 
I found this drying rack at a yard sale last summer for $5...not in it's current state, mind you. 
And I apologize that I do not have a before picture. 
It is made of pine and at one time was probably part of a home filled with country blues and pinks that we all loved so dearly....20 years ago.
When I saw the Accordian Drying rack from Ballard, I kept trying to figure out how in the world I could get the hubs to construct it for less. It just seemed like too much work, but I knew that I wouldn't be forking over the $199-$269 that they cost.
So I just resigned myself to the fact that I would never have one.

You can only imagine my excitement when I came across the drying rack for 5 bucks! We already had bead board and hooks on hand. 
I took the shelf apart and the hubs used his jig saw and cut bead board to fit the back of the shelf. I spray painted the whole thing, and then he added the hooks.

I am so glad that I found this piece and it has been perfect for air drying the kids clothes and a few of mine. 
 So for now, the laundry room is finished. Someday we plan to put up bead board on the walls...another project for another year:o)

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Very NICE! You guys did a good job on it. We have to have one of the floor models to fit all our clothes. ;)