Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Craft Room Clean Up and Holiday Decorating

Are you all getting into the holiday spirit yet? I am trying my very best not to skip over Thanksgiving:o) I started doing some fall crafts with the kids yesterday, and they loved it. Today we are going to work on something involving a turkey..not sure exactly what that will be, though:o)
Anyway, I have been wanting to clean out all of our closets for several weeks. Definitely BEFORE the holiday season arrived, but I haven't had the time to do it. I finally buckled down on Monday and cleaned 5 closets out..including my craft room/closet...

it's original intention was to be a closet, but there was so much space, that I decided to turn it into my craft room

It took me 4 hours to go through all of my crafty stuff. 3 garbage bags full of trash, and 2 garbage bags full of unwanted fabric later, I was finally pleased with what I had accomplished.
Now mind you, this is a small space with A LOT of stuff in it, so it doesn't look nearly as awesome to you as it does to me:o)
Everything is organized and has it's place. It would look a lot prettier if I had matching bins in all of the little cubby holes...that's a project for another day. But I LIKE it! Everything is within arms reach.
 The hubs and I put this little shelf together. It was given to me by a friend of the family. In it's previous state, it was pine colored with the back out...there were also some hearts cut out on the top. I removed the plank with the hearts, the hubs cut a piece of beadboard for me and attached it to the back...with a couple of coats of spray paint, I had a great shelf to put my paints on.
I have the shelf tucked away in the corner, to keep it out of sight from my little ones...there was a MAJOR incident involving red paint and the upstairs carpet of which I do not want to discuss as of right now..grr:o{
On to holiday talk..
The homemakers club is having their Holiday Bonanza this weekend. Each club is in charge of providing a center piece for the tables. Because our club is co-hosting the event, we had to provide 2.
I was given the task to create the center pieces for our club.
I wish that I could hold onto these. I really like how they turned out!
 It makes me what to start decorating for Christmas:o)
Speaking of holiday decorating...I have one tree up so far...I plan to start decorating it today. I have 7 trees in my house, and it takes forever to get them up... ridiculous, I know. But it's so much fun!!
Have a great Wednesday, ya'll!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm trying hard not to skip over Thanksgiving, too. I love Christmas! Plus, it feels like it is worth the effort of decorating if it is all up for a longer time span. :)