Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Old Bench Beautified

I am so pleased about this bench. You have no idea how happy I am with the results. The hubs really came thru on this project. I told you that I found this bench during my fabulous yard sale weekend. You can see the before pic in that posting. I believe that I deleted the picture from my computer...oops:o) Anyway, when I made this purchase, I knew the exact location that it would reside...at my breakfast table.
Isn't she a beaut? Before, it was covered in a not so attractive chippy paint and had been used as a place to put on shoes on a back porch. I am a big fan of chippy paint IF it's the right color, and in this case, it wasn't. So the hubs pulled it apart, stripped and sanded for hours on this puppy. He was near the point of hating this piece. He actually put it back together, and thought it looked like junk, so he pulled it apart again, finagled a little bit and put it back together again. He is so proud of it...now:o)
You can actually see the beautiful wood grain now. It can "comfortably" seat two adults...who are medium sized that is;o)
Now my two sweet little precious ones are definitely not allowed on this bench. There are cracks that can easily collect food droppings. We'll see how long this lasts;o)
Are you digging the flowers? 

Hubs picked those up from Costco the other day. No, he didn't get them on his own accord, but it is amazing what fresh flowers motivates you to do. I have been cleaning like a mad woman. Those flowers have really made me feel happy. I walk in and see them, and I am like "AWWWW they're so pretty, I think I'll go scrub a toilet." Weird, I know. There was enough in the bouquet to make two vases.
 So these are residing on my coffee table. The kids love seeing them too:o)
E made his mark on the table before I was able to get a shot of it:o) Oh well...
I hope that you all have a wonderful Tuesday. I will be spending a good portion of my morning at the chiropractor, and then off to the pool. E has swim lessons, and he is doing so good:o)


Mandy said... Best Blogger Tips

awesome myrt and J! I LURVE IT!

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said... Best Blogger Tips

It looks great! I have a very, very precious old bench at my kitchen table. i had a cushion made to fit it (ordered online) which has helped reduce the wear and tear the kids and dog make.

Nancy said... Best Blogger Tips

wow...that was tons of work but well worth it!
Hey! I found a link to your blog (and mine too!) on a RUSSIAN website. I’m sending the site and I also translated it with Babelfish translator. Thought you might get a kick out of this. Too funny!