Friday, February 5, 2010

Wallet for me:o)

I love making things for my children, and absolutely love it when I think I have an original idea that makes life easier... after saying that I am reminded of the verse in the Bible that says there is nothing new under the sun...;o) Anyway, sometimes I like to make a lil something for myself and when I ran across this tutorial for a wallet at The Rubber Punkin, I knew that it was for me. It is super simple and I already had the supplies here which was even better. Nuttin' like f-a-ree:o) One thing I would change, (speaking of change..there isn't anywhere to put it, so you need a change purse), I would make a spot for my drivers license at the just looks empty up there. I did monogram my initials on the front... the hubs was quick to point out that my spacing was a little off...still working on that:o) Just adds more character..HA! I plan on making a coordinating purse for it later on. I got a great book in the mail the other day, and I found a bag I want for myself. 

Next week I have a baby shower that I will be attending, so in honor of that special day, I will be posting baby items that I am making for the mommy-to-be(this will be round 2 for her). Hope you all have a great weekend! Peace out....


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

aren't husbands great for keeping our feet firmly planted? :-P I'm still hesitating on even using my embroidery feature!